Friday, 14 July 2017

Listing emails of your account?? A tool that will do all

Many situation occur when you need all the email id of people who send you mails like a businessman may need the email list for promotional purpose or you have to send certain invitation to all emails on your account. If you do it manually it will take a hell lot of your efforts and time and as time is money so it not a good idea to do so and spouse if you hire someone for this then it will hit hard on your pocket. Now you need not worry as we have brought you a great solution our Outlook email extractor which will save your time and even won’t hit hard on your pocket.

OutlookEmail Extractor is one of the most effective email extractor software. It extracts email addresses from various MS Outlook Files. The Outlook Email Address Extractor can extract email addresses from your different personal folders and sub-folders. This email extractor tool can extract email addresses from folders like drafts, in-box, out-box, contacts, sent items as well as from deleted items etc. It can also allow the users to add a number of .PST files in addition to the default files to the selected accounts and profiles to recover outlook mails.

This Outlook Email Address Extractor is very fast and reliable. It can automatically removes the email addresses which are duplicates and thus gives you email without redundancy. It also has filtering options which helps you to get email addresses which are required and relevant. The extracted outlook express mail is saved either in .CSV which opens in Excel or .TXT which opens in notepad. The software is extremely handy and processes different mail folders in a single process. This outlook email extractor works in different versions of Outlook like 2003, 2007 and also 2012. It works for both 32 and 64 bit versions. The software can read many PST file email addresses at once. It helps the users to create their email list in minutes. It can easily read DBX file email addresses.

 It is user friendly and thus could be easily understood by the user also online help is provided like manuals for user to understand it better also it has an effective wizard and graphic interface which allows the users to extract the email addresses easily. The email addresses from this tool can be extracted in just a few mouse clicks. Numerous online businesses have implemented this tool to generate an appropriate list of email addresses of their clients. The tool has given a boost to the email marketing campaigns of different business organizations. It can be downloaded very easily. It can works in different versions of Windows like XP, VISTA, WIN 7 and WIN 10.
Many businessman are using it to grow their sales you should also give it a try and make lot of profits.


Outlook email extractor is a great tool. Its main work is to extract email ids and store it a tabular form in excel sheet or text file. It have many filters to skip mail from specific field and do not allow duplicate email ids to come in between your final list.

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