Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Hindi Unicode Fonts Converter and Editor

Publishing business in India was first introduced in the year 1800. This step was taken by Britishers to gain knowledge of Modern Indian languages such as Hindi & Urdu. But as technology has evolved there is requirement of a tool that can easily change Hindi fonts. The tool should not only accomplish the task but also save time.

Recently a new apparatus named as Hindi Fonts Converter was brought into the market. This tool can convert any script that has been drafted in Hindi language into Unicode. All the Devnagri scripts such as Marathi, Hindi, Nepali, etc. are supportive to this software & can be converted without any difficulty. Its lightening fast speed converts Kruti to Mangal & Shusha to Unicode taking the least time. The tool is also very swift in the vice versa process.

More than the features it is important to observe that what its gravity in today’s technical world is. A tool can be advantageous the publishing business today. As we all know that the DTP operators like Illustrators, page maker, etc. don’t support Hindi language. This could be the reason for developing an apparatus like it. Along with conversion the software also has editing options in it. The script that you have dumped can be edited also as per your need. In short it is a boon for the publishers that generally in Devnagri scripts. The software is undoubtedly a multitasking tool that culminates your time & effort to a great extent.

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