Friday, 20 May 2016

Send Bulk SMS to Mobile Numbers By PC – Bulk SMS Software

Bulk SMS software is the brilliant option to send the messages from your personal computer/ laptop in bulk form. When a professional want to send lots of promotional messages to the several recipients so they can utilize it without any doubt. I know you are doubting on my statement that why we can send the message to anyone from the computer so I will tell you in brief.
After configuring any kind of bulk SMS tool whether it is offline or online, you can connect your mobile to the PC and start the procedure of sending. At a time, users can connect four mobile phones with this software and send to a huge amount of mobiles phones via this tool. As per the recent report, this is one of the finest platforms that is capable of sending thousands of messages from computer to mobiles phones.  

Offers various functions and customize options –

This text messaging tool facilitates numerous features including customization utility. Hence, we can later the function according to our needs and demands. These are-
  • Professionals can customize their message by utilizing the different fields for recipient name, cell phone number and so on. It granted the permission of arranging fields that suit our needs and fulfill it well.
  • Due to its in-built feature, we can get the information that the PC is connected to a mobile phone or not. If the mobile phone is not connected well to the computer system so it displays an error or warning message. Once the software detects the mobile so it gives the option to select the cell phone through which users want to send the SMS/ send bulk SMS.
  • Can use this software as a “Group SMS Sender” because the functionality is very much similar to its name.
  • If you want to add the country code before the mobile number so insert it via using the amazing feature of this tool.
  • Besides this entire set of utilities, users can send flash SMS by the bulk SMS software.

Know why people prefer the Bulk SMS Sender

Various business professionals stored their data in Excel spreadsheets because it is easy to create and maintain, but time-consuming. Via this latest tool, anyone can add mobile numbers into the software by uploading their excel sheet that contains the list of numbers. That is the main reason why it becomes popular among all types of organizations in the terms of SMS mobile marketing.
Along with the automatic uploading utility of list, it can allow their user to select the numbers manually so that they can send messages to their preferred ones. 
The next reason for selecting this software is, it delivers the log file which contains the entire data of your sent messages and failed as well. This delivered data includes mobile numbers, date of SMS sent and message. Later on, when individual want to see the list of their recipients so they will check easily due to this file like a backup or history. 
The Bulk SMS Sender really works well with all types of mobile phones that have utility of sending SMS. But, users have to ensure that it contains an SMS package or have sufficient balance according to the numbers and its cost. 
You should have the list of contact numbers to send sms to multiple recipients. Internet phone number extractor solved your problem, it collects thousand of contact numbers from internet as per user requirements.

Summary: -

The Bulk SMS tool is easy to use and offers a spontaneous interface to their users. Those are using GSM mobiles so they can connect via USB or Bluetooth option. Having this amazing tool, we can get the unique feature of sending personalized messages as well via excel spreadsheets to each recipient. 

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