Friday, 6 November 2015

How to Extract Email Address From MS Outlook Files

Outlook is one of the important sources of getting email ids for marketing. As we all know that Outlook & Outlook Express are mail managers that maintain our mails till we are offline. Thus they can be a big source of getting email ids. But this mine of email ids has some difficulties in extracting email ids. Have a look on these-
  • .DBX & .PST files- The first and arguably the most faced problem while extracting email ids from Outlook & Outlook Express. These two file formats are not known to many outlook users and hence create havoc for those who wish to extract numbers. .PST is of Outlook whereas .DBX is a file format of Express. To get rid of them user requires an Outlook email extractor that supports both .pst & .dbx files. This can make the task a lot easier.
  • Folders- They can play a crucial role in catering email addresses to you. There are fewer tools in the market that can extract email ids from folders such as Inbox, Outbox, sent, etc. To get addresses from here you need software that has options to cater them. Folders also have lots of email ids kept in them.
  • Duplicates- The email ids that are extracted by apparatus from Outlook & Express are in bulk. It is obvious that they may have many duplicate ids in the list. Manually searching for those IDs can be a huge time taking process. Or if you don’t separate these IDs from originals then you may land in sending one message to one id frequently. Thus the email extractor you are employing should have the talent to eliminate duplicates from the list.
  • Filtering- Now from this long list of email ids you require an address that starts or ends with a specific name or character. Then you need to CTRL+F but if you will use an email extractor that has the option to do so then that will very beneficial for you.
These difficulties are only short in their names but very big when they come in front of you. To overcome them requirement of an expert email harvester is very much essential.

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